La Bastide Clairence

Jaidy Astrid Diaz Barrios/

Multidisciplinary artist

Jaidy Astrid Diaz Barrios is a Colombian researcher and doctoral student in the humanities, arts and education. She is also a teacher and independent multidisciplinary artist.

Residency project:
Landscape is the link between our outer self and our inner self. Its substance is both mental and corporeal, and we can no more see ourselves as distinct and separate from it than a living cell can see itself as autonomous within the body of its host.

What would the landscape tell us if we listened to it?

What would the trees, the rivers, the mountains, the flora and fauna tell us?

What is the earth telling us about climate change, and how can we listen to it?

How is the land woven together with the community through orality and the voice?

These are the questions that drive the Resonantia Terra residency project. With a critical and reflexive eye on the issues of global warming, the disappearance of species and the effects of the Anthropocene, the artist invokes the living beings of the place: primitive animal and plant species, some of them endemic, and the natural heritage, to launch a poetic gesture that enhances the sense of the living.

She wants to exalt these voices through spoken and sound portraits of the landscape, with words, songs, speeches and other verbal exchanges, which will be set in tension with the recording of the soundscape, offering a platform for participatory artistic experimentation open to the community.