The ACCR (Association des Centres culturels de rencontre) was created in France in 1973 and recognised as a registered charity ten years later. In 2021, the ACCR brings together 20 French members and around 20 members from the rest of the world. As heritage sites dedicated to innovative artistic, cultural and scientific projects, the network’s members are heavily involved in the promotion of the cultural sector, in education, and in issues of regional development. As recipients of the state-owned label “Centre Culturel de Rencontre” (now “Heritage Site for Culture” in English), they and the ACCR benefit from the support of the French Ministry of Culture.


The ACCR is responsible for coordinating the network in France and developing it internationally. It enhances the regional, national and global reach of its members, from a strong local base. With Bernard Latarjet as its president, the ACCR offers its members national, European and international representation. Furthermore, it coordinates for the Ministry of Culture two residency programmes which enable the French centres to welcome foreign artists and culture professionals (including refugees), thereby facilitating inter-cultural dialogue.

Our missions

The ACCR was created to facilitate and coordinate the activities of the Heritage Sites for Culture (CCRs), and was recognised as a registered charity in 1983. It...
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The Association of Cultural Encounter Centres (ACCR) brings together a large network of 23 French members in addition to around 20 from the rest of the world. The...
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Team & Executive Board

ACCR is coordinated by an executive board and a permanent team:
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