Transcribing emotions through literature/

Transcribing emotions through literature

Catalina Jaramillo, a Colombian author, was in residence at Château de Goutelas from 24 April to 24 May 2023.

"My experience with the Odyssée programme has been incredibly enriching. I developed my project at the Château de Goutelas and I can say that it was a moment that allowed me to fully immerse myself in creation. Everyone involved in the residency and the staff at the château were extremely warm and made me feel very welcome, even though I don't speak French. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage other residencies to accept non-French speakers, because it is possible for us artists to find ways of connecting with our environment."


Catalina Jaramillo wanted to develop a unique writing project using second-hand books. The first phase of this project consisted of a search for second-hand books that had been annotated or simply highlighted by their former owners. From the collection of these intimate handwritten notes, the artist wanted to transform them into poetry revealing the feelings and impressions of the readers. The project focuses on what reading provokes rather than on its content per se, creating a form of meta-reading.

"During these four weeks, I devoted myself to developing the project that I had proposed at the start of MarginaliaSelecta. Although I made significant progress, it wasn't enough to complete it. My intention with this work is to create a publication, and I still need to devote more time to it. All the drawings and texts I developed during my residency are linked to Goutelas and my experiences here."

As well as writing poetic texts, Catalina Jaramillo has accompanied each poem with a drawing, giving the impression of a collection that takes us on a journey through words and images.

Residencies are moments of intense and rich encounters, whether with the teams of the Cultural Centre hosting the artist, with the public and local residents, or with the other artists present in the CCR. Artists' residencies are therefore privileged moments of intercultural and interdisciplinary dialogue.

"Another invaluable aspect of my stay here has been the sharing with the other resident, Maria Luisa Usai. When you arrive in a new place with people you don't know, bonds are quickly formed, and we have built up a wonderful friendship over this period. What's more, we considered the option of collaborating on a joint project, as our works are similar in so many ways. In this respect, I would make a recommendation to the programme, suggesting that we try to have at least 2 or 3 residents at a time, as the stay can become quite solitary. In my case, Maria Luisa's stay was much more productive because we supported each other in the creative process and in connecting with the community, which presents more challenges when doing it alone.

"There is no doubt that this residency will have a positive impact on my work as an artist when I return to Colombia, not only because I have had the privilege of paid time to create my work, but also because of the people and cultural agents I have met here. In my artistic practice, travelling to different parts of the world has considerably changed the way I think about art, and there is no doubt that a programme like Odyssey allows many artists who cannot afford such travel expenses to devote themselves to their work with dignity.

Finally, I have nothing but gratitude for the CAC, the Odyssey programme and the Château de Goutelas for allowing me to have this unforgettable experience. Thank you very much. "