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Catalina Jaramillo Quijano/


Catalina Jaramillo Quijano was born in 1981 in Medellín, Colombia.

She received her BFA in arts from the National University of Colombia, in Bogota. She has received several awards, included an honorable mention in the New Talents in Art, Cámara de Comercio de Medellín (2019), the second place in the Young Art Contest, Embassy of Spain - Colsanitas (2014) and the first prize in the Salon Cano, UNAL (2007).

She has also completed artistic residencies in institutions such as El Ranchito, Matadero Madrid (2015), the Escuela FLORA, FLORA ars + natura, Bogota (2016), Pivô Research Program, São Paulo (2017) and the FAAP artistic residence, São Paulo (2018).

She has exhibited individually at the Senda Gallery, Jenny Vilà Gallery, NADA, Espacio Odeón and Sextante Gallery. Her work has been shown at the Museum of Modern Art of Medellín, Casa de América, MAMU, Salón Nacional de artistas (44 and 45), Contemporary Arts Center of Cincinnati and Mana Wynwood, among others. Her work can be found in the following public collections: MAMU (Bogotá), Museo de Antioquia (Medellín), JPMorgan Chase Art Collection (Bogotá), AMA Foundation (Chile).

In her work, she creates visual narratives and direct them to establish a bridge between fiction and autobiography, crossed by micropolitical strategies. Evoking images of literature, philosophy, mythological symbolism and obsolete doctrines. Her work is marked by a process of experimentation with the word in its multiple possibilities, resignifying the figure of author and reader she intends to create minimal narratives with the use of simple gestures to be read. She develops projects that usually involve drawing, objects, writing, artist’s books and publications.


Residency project:

Her project is called Marginalia Selecta and consists in the search for second-hand books that have been underlined, scribbled or have notes about reading. From the digitalization of this material, she intends to create some compositions close to concrete poetry, only with what the reader has wanted to reveal of their intimacy or interest. So she transforms that material into a new one, she intends to make a meta writing.