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Zeineb Henchiri/

Born in Tunis in 1992, Zeineb Henchiri is an artist, actress and psychologist who lives and works in Tunisia.

Thanks to an eclectic career path, she is now developing a multidisciplinary artistic practice in which the visual and performing arts draw their inspiration from an almost surgical psychoanalytical reflection. Combining visual art, installations and performance, she questions the nature of the human being in relation to his body and his space.

In a continuous process of reflection and visual research, she questions two fundamental notions linked to our relationship with the body: perception and temporality, which form the notion of being. This fracture between what we are, what we appear to be and the projection that others make of us.

Her work has been shown in France (Institut du Monde Arabe, Fondation de la Maison de la Tunisie, Galerie Temps de Pose) and Tunisia (Station B7L9, Fondation de la Tunisie pour le Développement, Salle le 4em Art).

Residency project:


This research-creation project will draw on a range of resources and references in order to propose a new way of writing the sensitive body in the face of its virtual echo. Theoretical and visual research will give way to a work in the form of a video installation and a theatrical performance. The duality of the real-virtual will be explored through the exploration of a fictional character immersed in a narrative. The spectator will be faced with a double projection. The actress on the one hand, the physical support and main channel for transmitting culture, and the avatar on the screen evolving in parallel and testifying to the alienation of the human being in this new paradigm.