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Samer Ghorayeb


Project Description

A country that destroys its own culture destroys itself. After the Lebanese civil war, Lebanon continued to destroy itself by demolishing its heritage. For the past 10 years, the visual artist Samer Ghorayeb was documenting the destruction of Beirut’s heritage through his modest lens and audio recorder. He had the opportunity to cover a considerable number of old buildings in demolition in Beirut while also collecting many neglected items from the abandoned houses he accessed.


During the past decade, Samer was carrying carefully his project that mutated on its way in several forms. The Beirut blast and the Lebanese economic crisis were a turning point in Samer’s project. His aim today is to bring his project to life by creating an experimental video essay entitled “Remind” as a tribute to the Beirut heritage. Remind will also focus on the collective memory that is often neglected by the Lebanese society