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Sajan Sankaran


Having discovered his interest in Indian classical music while doing his BTech from IIT Bombay, Sajan started learning Dhrupad from the foremost Gurus & performers - the Gundecha Brothers. Apart from being an accomplished performer and teacher with many national & international scholarship awards, he is also an astute academician, with publications in major journals and presentations in conferences around the world. He is also a trained Yoga instructor with many years of experience practicing Yoga, and founded 'Svara Yog' to bring Dhrupad and Yoga onto a common platform.

Residency project

"My residency project involved 2 components. The first is a research into the confluence of the music of Dhrupad and the philosophy of Yoga. Yoga is commonly seen as a physical practice, instead of a holistic science if the mind and consciousness - which is what it is. The principles of Yoga, when put into practice with the element of sound manifests strongly in a music like Dhrupad. The second component of my project is creative exchanges with musicians/artists with Dhrupad, and finding its coexistence with other genres of art. This happens through presentation exchanges, collaborations, discussions, workshops and other informal knowledge sharing & transmissions."