Romea Muryn/

Architect, urbanist

Romea Muryn


Romea Muryn is an architect and urbanist trained in Poland and Denmark. She obtained a masters in ‘Hybrid Urbanism’ at the Strelka Institute and worked for the Russian ‘My Street’ project, a large-scale urban renewal programme. She worked for 8 years as an architect in Copenhagen, New York and Rotterdam, and is currently a professor on the INDA International Program in Design and Architecture at the Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok and programme director at the CANactions School. She is interested in the social and geopolitical analysis of the factors that can encourage or hinder the dynamism of a city.

Her residency at the Saline Royale is to take place in collaboration with Francisco Alves Miranda Lobo, with their joint project ‘LOCUMENT Landscape as a commodity’. The aim of the project is to carry out research on the complex processes involved with the exploitation of natural resources in France.

Residency postponed to 2021.