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Ralucan Muntean/

Circus artist

She is a visual artist, extrovert and a taking-the-chance enthusiast.


She grew up in Romania and did her science & art degree in Germany where she first discovered partner acrobatics.

Through acrobatics she has learned that training can be playful, rhythmical, and allowed her to express her creativity.

In 2021, she has been invited to work in a circus school in Sao Paulo, where she has been exposed to aerials, lyra hoop, straps and trampoline. Her love for performing arts have grown more and more since and she’s now on a journey in the search of the harmonious combination between creativity, togetherness and movement.


Residency project:

The project is called B2 and it’s a hybrid evolving act by Rochelle Lopes & Raluca Muntean.

It will be a creation of combined forces – with the subtle message of women that give power to another, that combine their skills, experiences, histories, body strength and life strength.