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Raimund Krumme/


Raimund Krumme is director for independent animation and commercials.

Several times awarded for short films and commercials, he has received awards like the Premier Prix du jury Annecy, the Prix de la presse Annecy and Jury award Hiroshima Film Festival, among many others.

He has done exhibitions of drawings in several countries like Taiwan, France, Germany and Spain.

Raimund Krumme combines his artistic work with teaching. He has been full time professor and faculty, in prestigious art schools around the world: CalArts department for Experimental Animation, the Academy for Media Arts Cologne, Taipei National University of the Arts Taiwan, among others.

He has been also researching new animations techniques at the Institute National de l'Audiovisuel INA in France.

He has participated as jury member in many animation festivals and he has given conferences at universities, museums, film festivals and other events.


Residence project:

Raimund Krumme would like to develop a film called Chambre d’Ami, and it will be about about a friendship of two characters, meting after a long separation. It will be traditionally drawn animation, the story told by movement, gesture and the depiction of space, more than dialogue.

Their relationship of mutual dependency is conveyed by the way characters and space are drawn, by movement of the figures and how the actors are positioned in the space of the "chambre", which we never leave throughout the film.