Pinky Htut Aung/

Multidisciplinary artist

Pinky Htut Aung is a self-taught multi-instrumentalist and experimental artist active since 2013.


Since she was young, she has been pursuing her dream to be a musician, with painting and crafting as hobbies, or a kind of therapy to overcome her social anxiety. Pinky’s first exhibition in 2018, 'Cloudsarethoughts', encouraged her to further explore visual arts, and has been actively painting for social movements and participating in group exhibitions as an emerging artist.

Residency project:

« Ritual: Singing Clouds »

In this project I would like to set up an immersive installation; fusing painting, sonic and music. The audience will able to touch my paintings, and through the sensors, their touches will manipulate different sounds, as if the clouds on my painting will sing to their touches.