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Oleksandr Stoianov/

Visual artist

Oleksandr Stoianov is a visual artist working with photography and video. He is originally from Sevastopol in Crimea, Ukraine.

Residency project :

Memories of refugees

I want to make a project about what refugees remember about their previous life, how they keep important memories. They can be traumatic or, on the contrary, pleasant.
The project is based on mobile photography. I want to meet people who are currently in the process of obtaining refugee status. I will ask you to share with me one photo that is stored in the memory of their phone and tell the story associated with this photo. Why
is it so important to a person. This image should talk about the house, the place from which they had to leave. This may be a photograph taken at some critical period of life. Or maybe just a memory about peoples, a certain event or place. The main thing is that it should be an image that is significant in some way.

I am currently in the process of obtaining refugee status myself. I have so many memories about my home. Scary, sad, joyful. I would like to give people the opportunity to speak out, to talk about what is really important to them.
I want to contact social workers who can help find people willing to share their stories and pictures.

I know that some people arrive in France without mobile phones, literally in slippers. In this case, I can ask people to find some image on the Internet that would remind them of their country and a certain story related to it.
This is just a starting idea. I can develop it in the future. For example, using more than just photos and videos too. And in the end, make a short film or video.