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Niknaz Mirghalami/

Musician & researcher

Niknaz Mirghalami is an Iranian musician and researcher

Residency project:

Heritage and Meaning; A Metaphorically Musical Creation through the Implementation of Musical Signs as the vehicles of Meanings

This project proposes a metaphorically musical creation implementing melodic and rhythmic figures as metaphors signifying meanings and senses and/or causing affections and emotions.

“The musical creation in this project, however could be proceeded to in instructive workshops with amateurs and expert musicians regarding the bases of Iranian music intervallic structures. Afterwards, based on the instructions and the purposed story or meanings; the music could be composed in jam sessions with musicians from other genres; or it can be composed by me by and then be discussed with other artists about the senses and images they create through common imagination and successively be visualized in simple video arts.”

With the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs