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Mehdi Mousavi/

Poet, Editor, Activist

Mehdi Mousavi is an Iranian poet, editor, cultural activist and pharmacist. He is considered a leading figure of the Iranian literary movement “Postmodern Ghazal”, seen as the most radical poetic movement in contemporary Iran. He has published fourteen poetry collections, two novels, and one theory book on literature. He has inspired and mentored numerous young artists, through his teaching of literature at universities and colleges, and leading underground literary gatherings and writing courses.

Mousavi is a prolific writer and among his many poetry collections, novels and articles on literature. Many of his poems were banned from publication - including two collections of poems entitled Suddenly and Beeping for the Sheep - he has shared them extensively online. Mousavi’s published articles include "On the genealogy of the Postmodern Ghazal,” "An essay on nowadays GHAZAL," and "The key Characteristics of the Postmodern Ghazal.” His most recent publication is the novel "One thousand and some nights" released in 2021 that has been written in the form of a "frame story" as a parody of the famous & old tale "A thousand and one nights."

Along with Fatemeh Ekhtesari, Mousavi was editor of the journal Hamin farad bud (It was just tomorrow) until it was banned and closed in 2008. As a leading figure of contemporary Iranian poetry, Mousavi has led underground classes in literature, creative writing, philosophy and humanities to young artists for over 16 years and continues to do so online.

In 2017, he was welcomed as an ICORN writer in residence by the Norwegian city of Lillehammer.