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Mathieu Deblois/

Artist 3D

Mathieu Deblois is a Canadian digital artist who focuses on creating audiovisual compositions for immersive devices. He is currently pursuing a master's degree in volumetric cinema at the School of Digital Arts, Animation and Design (NAD-UQAC). Through his work, Mathieu questions the notion of virtual space as a potential space, where reality and imagination merge to create a new sensory experience.


Residency project:

Project title: Florescence

Project description:
"Florescence is an 8-10 minute fulldome short film that plunges viewers into dreamlike landscapes inspired by Alsatian flora. Using innovative volumetric capture and ambisonic sound techniques, as well as immersive storytelling processes, this experience transports viewers into a world of dreams and memories that evoke the natural beauty of Alsace.

The Florescence project draws on Foucault's notion of heterotopia to create new spaces using temporal elements and exploring environments left behind. The aim is to stimulate a sensory experience that evokes memories and recollections of places linked to Alsace's wild flora.

The ideal time for this residency would be April-May, when the flowering season is at its peak and offers an immediate source of inspiration. We're convinced that this immersive experience, at the crossroads of art, technology and nature, will captivate and amaze the public, while raising awareness of the fragility and richness of our environment".