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Maria Denise Cobello/

Dramatist, director, actress

Maria Denise Cobello


Denise Cobello is originally from Buenos Aires and holds a masters in arts from the Université Sorbonne Nouvelle. She has worked for over ten years in theatre, first in her native Argentina and then in France. She explores theatre in all its forms, combining her multiple roles as dramatist, director and actor to put together her theatrical works.

The aim of her month-long residency at the Domaine de La Vergne, Maison Maria Casarès, was to create a piece of theatre which relates a personal story of the Basque Country and Argentina through using elements of documentary theatre. Her main focus during this time was on the development of the text.

The project Alegia seeks to transform a personal story into a work of art through the use of real documents, testimonies and Basque fables, weaving together a narrative through the combination of fiction and reality. Denise Cobello is interested in exploring the concept of the archive and its relationship with the stage, and her work aims to be ‘a constellation of forms and styles’.