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Li-chin Li/


Li-chin Li is a Sheng soloist, Composer, Performer.

Residency project:

A musical creation inspired by and for the architecture of the CCR.

“Sound is like an architecture. It’s about how to use space and environment to create its uniqueness"

“The project will add on the concept of my work ''When the Sound Becomes an Invitation.” The sound will travel through the various spaces of the cloisters, replacing the function of the organ in the cloisters with the sheng. How to recreate a part of Western history in a cloisters without a pipe organ, I will play the sheng while walking around the cloisters with a sense of ritual, inheriting the ceremonial nature of Western culture. For the music part, we will choose Renaissance, chanting songs, and traditional music of the sheng as the arrangement elements of my improvisation throughout the performance, and set the performance theme according to the architecture and lighting in each space. 

This concert is a collision between Taiwanese "sheng" and European "contemporary music", with the performers and composers presenting the results of their collaboration. In addition, this concert brings together composers from Taiwan, Argentina, Australia, China and other countries across the continent to compile a variety of solo and electronic music for the sheng.

The sheng was invented by the Chinese and spread throughout East Asia for more than 3,000 years. It was also brought back to Europe by missionaries in China in the 18th century, indirectly contributing to the development of free reed instruments in the West. Today's pipe organs and accordions are the same family of organs as the sheng, with similar construction and sound. As a sheng player, the sheng is a small, moving structure in the palm of your hand, which is why I started to experiment with playing it in different spaces and contexts.”