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Laura Liz Gil Echenique/

Dramatist, Visual artist, Performer

Laura Liz Gil Echenique

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The Cuban dramatist, visual artist and performer Laura Liz Gil Echenique has an interest in the process of dramatic writing. Her work oscillates between writing, visual arts and performance arts, in an ongoing investigation into memory and the future, and the interactions between theatrical writing and its audience.

Having been raised between a community mental health centre and the music college which she attended assiduously, she studied sculpture and holds a diploma in dramaturgy. She has been a member of the Royal Court Theatre programme in London, the Goethe Institut in Colombia and

Argentina, and the CIAV-Nave 10-Matadero in Madrid, among others. She is also a member of the Société Générale d’Auteurs et des Ecrivains and of the AHS in Cuba. Her works have been performed and published in Cuba, Mexico, Spain, Uruguay, Chile and the UK.

Laura Liz Echenique was in residence at the Chartreuse de Villeneuve-lez-Avignon in the winter of 2019 to work on her project ‘Vereda’.

‘Vereda’ is a result of the research project ‘Manuel de Rapprochement’, produced in collaboration with the Franco-Chilean actor Belén Riquelme and exploring issues such as uprooting, distance, migration and encounters through the female body.

What identity is constructed when one perceives the world in another language? How do we deconstruct and rebuild this world? Through the writing process the author investigates how to map movement and to choreograph an uprooting. For her, the body can thus become ‘a theatrical guide’.