residencies Arc-et-Senans

Khaled Aِlwarea/

Architect and multidisciplinary artist

Khaled Aِlwarea

Khaled Aِlwarea born in Damascus, Syria is an Architect and multidisciplinary artist based in Paris, his work takes multiple forms including installation design, visual art, photography, filmmaking, and architecture.He participated in several collaborations, workshops and exhibitions globally winning multiple awards, as he produced, filmed and edited several short films and videos.In 2014 Khaled founded UV LAB design studio where he realized several projects in architecture, interior design and scenography for major festivals in the middle east, Asia and Europe.

In the Saline Royale d’arc et senans, Khaled started working on his 1st feature film, a collaboration between him and Syrian actor Boodi Kabbani. In the residency period khaled successfully laid down the foundation of the story and wrote the Synopsis and film treatment. The film with the working title “LIMINAL” aspires to be the 1st queer Syrian film. “LIMINAL” talks about a friendship story between two Syrian gay refugees who reunite after a long time apart and embarks in a psychological journey that takes them through their memories of the LGBTQ+ scene in Syria, and define their identities while experiencing the decadence of the Finnish capital during Pride week.