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Guy Gervais DANSOU/

Multidisciplinary artist

Guy Gervais DANSOU is a multidisciplinary artist from Benin.

Guy Gervais Dansou is a writer and storyteller, and the author of the book Kokou le pauvre généreux, published on 23 October 2021 by Immaculée Editions. SO OUNDODO is his second title, already ready.

He is also a stage director. Since 2012, he has directed several plays, including Sika in August 2022, which won first prize at Togo's RACONT'ART, and Le prisonnier, written by Jérôme TOSSAVI in December 2020. In 2016, as part of the launch of the "tous au FITHEB" project, he wrote and directed the show Un peu de tout. He is currently working on Le concours de circonstances by José PLIYA.

Finally, he is also an actor. He has acted in several creations such as Le gong a bégayé by François BIAOU 2019, Cordon ombilical by Sabrina PERRET 2018, Les truculents de la République by Dine Alougbine 2018.

Residency project:
His intention is to write and recite as many imaginary tales as possible in a style that is authentic and accessible to the younger generation.
This writing project will enable him to focus on a collection of 12 titles. This will be his fourth book.