Funda Zeynep Ayguler/

visual artist

Funda Zeynep Ayguler is an artist engaging in the interdisciplinary use of science, technology, and art. Her approach incorporates exploring computation as a means of creating audio-visual experiences. She explores the intersection of visual and linguistic exposition by means of media installations, animations, films, drawings, and algorithms. Her recent works focus on the question of how to use technologies or re-purpose them to create a more respectful relationship between ourselves and non-human entities.
As part of her residency in La Chartreuse de Neuville, she is working on a series of installations related to indoor fungi and algae that is still present in the old monastery. With a series of installations that will result in a solo exhibition at the end of the residency, she explores how memory is embedded in the material (stone and wood) and organism. The installations seek to enquire relationships between technology, nature, chemical formulas and human language.