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Francisco Lobo


The Portuguese director Francisco Lobo studied at the UCP – School of Arts in Porto and obtained a Masters in cinematography in Barcelona. He worked in collaboration with theatre companies and artists, allowing him to work on personal and professional projects in cinema and theatre. His projects range from film to television and online series via music, publicity and theatre videos; his approach is as much about the medium as the content. As a frequent collaborator with the theatre company A Turma, he has developed videos for numerous theatre pieces and produced the experimental film ‘ELA’, which was previewed at the Luso-Brazilian Film Festival. With the production company Anexo82 he was director of photography for the film ‘The Forest of Lost Souls’.

His residency at the Saline Royale will take place in collaboration with Romea Muryn, focusing on their joint project LOCUMENT ‘Landscape as a commodity’. Their aim is to carry out research on the complexity of the processes involved with the utilisation of natural resources in France.

Residency postponed to 2021.