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Baroque ensemble


Founded in 1996 by Marco Horvat, the baroque music ensemble Faenza has been based in France’s Grand Est for twenty years. The group performs in various configurations ranging from two to eight musicians.

The ensemble’s members are all singers as well as instrumentalists, playing period instruments such as theorbo, viola da gamba and spinet. The group has developed innovative concert forms such as the interactive ‘The Music Salon’ and ‘The Voyage of Anne de La Barre to the Septentrion’, a baroque recital based on a 17th-century singer. In July 2020 they performed the ‘Delirium of Lyres’, based on Italian opera, in the nave of Les Dominicains de Haute-Alsace.

During their residency in March 2021 at Les Dominicains, Faenza will work on the staging of their next project, ‘Le Chant des Arcanes’, which combines music and tarot cards. For this production, which has an important visual dimension, the Centre Audiovisuel of Les Dominicains will produce a digital representation of the symbolism of the tarot. The work will be performed by three musicians (Olga Pitarch, Francisco Mañalich and Marco Horvat) and a tarot reader (Maria Vassalli, alias Lamar23), who will draw cards live. Nicolas Gousseff will direct and Sigolène de Chassy will be responsible for staging. ‘Le Chant des Arcanes’ will be performed in 2022 at Les Dominicains.

Residency dates: 11-12 March 2021