Esther Lázaro Sanz/

Writer, dramatist

Esther Lázaro Sanz


Esther Lázaro Sanz holds a doctorate in Spanish literature from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), specialising in contemporary dramatic literature and the literature and theatre of the Spanish Republican exile. 

Esther studied for her masters in theatre studies at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelone and at the UAB. Alongside her academic studies she also pursued her artistic training in classical singing, performance, direction and dramaturgy. As a dramatist she has produced around twenty works, many of which have been performed in cities including Barcelona, Madrid, Las Palmas, Paris, Edinburgh and Mexico City. One of the main strands of her work is the theatre of memory, in relation to the events which marked the course of the 20th century. Esther is a member of the Laboratorio Rivas Cherif de Dramaturgia del Centro Dramático Nacional and, as a researcher, of the UAB’s Groupe d’Études sur l’Exil Littéraire (GEXEL). The founder, artistic director and producer of Therkas Teatre, she combines her theatrical work with performance, research, teaching and cultural journalism.

Esther’s theatre project aims to bring María Casarès to the stage through her own words, using extracts from the actress’s memoires and letters – starting with her well-known relationship with Camus. Through the written correspondence between the two, one of the aims of this piece is to bring to attention in Spain one of the great post-war actresses, a self-made woman, a free and independent woman who always fought for her dreams, and with literary interests above and beyond her theatrical work.

Residency carried out remotely.