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Elina Kulikova/

Director, performance artist, olfactory artist, writer

After the outbreak of war in Ukraine, she left Russia under political persecution. From 2018 to 2022, Elina worked in Russia developing feminist and queer theatre. Since 2022, she has been based in France.

Residency project :

Melancholic Natures is a new philosophically and ecologically based theater project by writer and performance artist Elina Kulikova (exiled in France). At the heart of the project is the story of a woman plunged into a deep depression amid global warming concerns and war crisis. The text written by Elina in collaboration with different environmental scientists and philosophers will raise the questions of nuclear anxiety and the transformation of technological sublime under the new climatic regime. Solo-performer will interact with other non-human and virtual objects to mirror the change of the perception of the time according to a new environmentally anxious reality.