Elemawusi Agbedjidji/

Writer, dramatist

Elemawusi Agbedjidji

Elemawusi Agbedjidji is from Togo and began his artistic journey as an actor in the Louxor company under the direction of Alfa Ramsès. As an actor, from 2012-2016 he played roles in productions directed by David Bobée, most notably Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Victor Hugo’s Lucrezia Borgia, and Frédéric Ciriez’s Paris. He took part in the creation of the Ensemble Artistique Fako du Togo, which led him to work on his own direction projects. His works have regularly been performed in Togo, Benin, Cameroon, at the Les Récréatrales festival in Ouagadougou, the Univers des Mots festival in Conakry (Guinea) and the Festival des Francophonies en Limousin in Limoges (France).

Elemawusi Agbedjidji studied for his masters in stage direction and dramaturgy in Paris, and his published works include Si tu sors, je sors! (Lansman Editeur) and Transe-maître(s) (Editions Théâtrales, 2018). The latter received several awards and nominations including finalist in the Grand Prix de la littérature dramatique 2019, the Prix Text’Avril 2019, finalist in the Prix rfi-Théâtre 2018, Sélection 2019 – Troisième Bureau Comité de Lecture de Théâtre Contemporain, and Sélection 2019 – Comité de Lecture du Tarmac. Before working in theatre, he studied anthropology at the University of Lomé – this experience in human sciences fed into his later writing work and led him towards subjects with an anthropological/philosophical nature. 

His residency at the Maison de Maria Casarès in 2020 allowed him to complete his dramatic writing project Tromelin, la chute infinie des soleils, which examines the question of hope when one has nothing left. 
Residency carried out remotely.