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Donna Khalifé/

vocalist, double bass player and composer

Donna Khalifé


Donna Khalifé is a vocalist, double bass player, composer, arranger  born in Lebanon.

She starts her first piano lessons at an early age. In 2003, she moves to Paris to continue her music studies: piano, orchestration, harmony … Her conducting classes with Nicolas Brochot and her jazz and improvisation classes with Guillaume Roy contribute a lot in shaping her musical sensibilities. Under Roy's guidance, she perfects her jazz singing, composing, arranging and improvisation.

As part of her education, she receives a 1st prize in orchestration at the Conservatoire Regional de Paris, a diploma in harmony and counterpoint, and she graduates in Jazz from the Conservatoire d'Evry.

Her eclecticism leads her to take part in different projects today, both in Lebanon and abroad as leader and side woman.

She released her first album “ Heavy Dance” featuring her quintet, in March 2017 and her second “ Hope is the thing with feathers” in November 2019.