Dominique Besançon/

Visual Artist, Photographer

Dominique Besançon


Dominique Besanson is an Argentinian photographer who began her career in the world of design. Having studied photography in Barcelona, she began working in portraiture, narratives and archives. She has an interest in telling stories with a deep, sensitive and sometimes humorous approach. Dominique currently works in commercial, private and editorial photography.

Her residential project at the Chateau de l’Esparrou is titled ‘La cédille’. From her childhood experience in a school in France trying to obtain the grades which would let her join a French high school in Argentina, Dominique Besanson has considered the questions of French education overseas, nationality and identity. Her surname, with a second ‘s’ instead of the usual ‘ç’ (a ‘c’ with a cedilla), her ancestors, and her baccalaureate, are all part of this re-visiting of what it is to be, or to seem, French. The missing cedilla in her name triggers these reflections.

Residency postponed to 2021.