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Dara Khan/


Dara Khan is the son of Sakar Khan. Sakar Khan is one of the most famous kamaicha players of the traditional folk music of Manganiyar community from the State of Rajasthan (North-Western India). His father received a Padma Shri award for his musical talent and achievements from the Indian government. Following into the footsteps of his father, Dara Khan has performed all over the world and he is the lead player of the biggest shows of the Manganiyar community, such as “The Manganiyar Seduction” and “The Manganiyar Classroom”. Dara Khan is (unfortunately) on of the last maestros of kamaicha left in Rajasthan, as the instrument is gradually disappearing within the community in favour of the harmonium as an easier-to-learn accompanying instrument for singing. Dara, however, puts a lot of effort into training the next generation, as he adopted a few students to his family to pass on the tradition of playing this sophisticated instrument.


The Kamaicha is an instrument unique to Western Rajasthan. The term is not found elsewhere but note should be made of its similarity to the otherwise different bowed spike fiddle of Northern Irian and other area, the kemanche. The Kamaicha is a bowed unfretted lute with a large round body covered with goatskin. The strings are stopped with the cuticle of the fingernail, as in the sarangi. The instruments has numerous sympathetic strings which are also bowed in addition to the three main gut strings. The instrument is unique to the Manganiyar community.