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Cédric Bregnard/

Photographer, artist

Cédric Bregnard

Cédric Bregnard


The Swiss artist and photographer Cédric Bregnard used his residency to work on his participatory project ‘Racines du Ciel Performances’, based on the creation of a series of large collaborative drawings in Indian ink.

Cédric Bregnard graduated from the Vevey School of Photography in 1998, and by 2000 was teaching photography and information technology at the Vevey School of Photography and at ERACOM in Lausanne. He works on large-format pieces in Indian ink, and has had his work exhibited in France, China and Japan. In 2010 he had his first retrospective, i-Grow, in Japan. Photography plays a large part in his creative process but is not the final output of his work.

During his 3-week residency at the Chartreuse de Neuville in October 2019, he worked on his participatory project ‘Racines du Ciel Performances’. The project organises hundreds of people, of all ages, to create large collective Indian ink drawings, with participants encouraged to trust their own creative spontaneity.

Bregnard sums up the aim of his project as to ‘create a space where anyone who wishes to can connect with the presences, vegetable, mineral, and human, which cross the centuries and form a link between heaven and earth’.

Into this project is also integrated a work from 2010 called ‘Immortels’: thousand-year-old trees (such as oak, larch, baobab, sequoia and cedar) photographed around the world and brought back to life by movement and the lines of a paintbrush.

Alongside this, he also ran workshops for local schools and organisations to allow as many people as possible to experience the project.