Breno Isaac BENEDYKT/


Breno Benedykt is a doctoral student in philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy, Letters and Humanities of the University of São Paulo (USP), Brazil.

He is preparing a thesis on the emergence and effects of the concept of community in French philosophy, particularly from the 1970s until Jean-Luc Nancy's death in 2021, with the support of a FAPESP doctoral contract.

He has been conducting doctoral research on "The community without mastery: a question confronting contemporary French philosophy" at the University of São Paulo since 2018 with a research grant from FAPESP and a research stay at the University of Paris Nanterre. He has published́ several scientific articles in Portuguese (Revista Limiar, Revista Ipseitas, Revista Pró-Posições, Revista ArteFilosofia) and Spanish (Revista Prometeica). His doctoral thesis is due to be defended in December 2023. He has worked in various cultural centres and schools in the city of São Paulo.

Residency project:

The poetic and political issues of testimony in the philosophy of Jacques Derrida

The main aim of this research will be to write an article on the poetic and political issues of contemporary testimony in dialogue with Derrida's philosophy, and to develop a post-doctoral project on Derrida as a figure of a new type of philosophical ethos.