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Ania Reynolds


Ania Reynolds is a composer, producer, multi-instrumentalist and artist who works in a variety of mediums.

Ania works as a producer and musical director for shows and artistic, theatrical and musical projects such as The Treaty Project, Circus Oz, Polyglot Theater and Arena Theatre. She collaborates with a wide variety of artists including Jamie Lewis and the choreographer Ghenoa Gela. In 2019 she took part in an artistic residency at the Despina art centre in Rio de Janeiro, where she created the audio installation ‘Música De Coco’, the first part of her project ‘This City This Sound’ and in which she collaborated with Carl Polke.
Her residency at Ambronay in 2020, also in collaboration with Carl Polke, was to allow them to continue with the project ‘This City This Sound’, a reflection on the sonic identity of places. 

Residency postponed to 2021.