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Andrea Massa Bernucci/

Landscape architect

Andrea Massa Bernucci

2019 2020

Andrea Massa Bernucci is an Italian landscape architect living in Edinburgh. During his residency in March 2020 at the Les Arts Florissants Foundation’s arts campus (Le Quartier des Artistes) in the Vendée town of Thiré, he intends to study in particular the architecture of the gardens and the link between stone and the garden.

Andrea Massa Bernucci was born in Luxembourg in 1989 and studied landscape arcitecture at Edinburgh University. Having completed his masters course, he deepened his botanical knowledge as a gardener in Scotland and on an internship at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh. His current project in the north of Scotland involves the reconfiguration of the courtyard of a small castle using local materials such as shingle.

During his month-long residency at the Quartier des Artistes in March 2021, Andrea Massa Bernucci intends to address the relationship between the garden and stone. His project is in two phases:
- The first phase consists of document research which examines the garden and its architectural form since its conception. This garden study phase leads to a sketched study.
- Secondly, he intends to create one or more mosaics in a selected area of the garden, either laid on the ground or on mobile panels.