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Anastasia Melikhova/


Anastasia Melikhova is a Russian director specialized in animated films.

Residence project:

The aim is to continue the graphic research and concept work for her animation project Concerto No 1 No Сoncerto. She is doing by herself the concept, writing and drawing, doing animation tests and searching for music.

For her project Concerto No 1 No Concerto, she would like to use the established form and existing rules of the classical concerto as a musical piece and transfer them to an animation piece.

A concerto is mostly understood as an instrumental composition, written for one or more soloists accompanied by an orchestra or other ensemble. The typical three-movements structure, a slow movement preceded and followed by fast movements, became a standard from the early 18th century. The average concerto lasts about 30 minutes.

She would like to create an audio-visual performance, non-narrative animation, 2d-animation on paper and musical live-improvisation.