La Charité-sur-Loire

Alexandros Simopoulos / Graphic artist/

Alexandros Simopoulos / Graphic artist


Alexandros Simopoulos is a multidisciplinary artist who was born in Greece.

He studied international relations and humanitarian law in Athens, and later obtained a masters in visual arts in England. He has worked with NGOs, galleries, museums and cultural organisations across the world. He was one of the founding members of the Gallery Sarri 12, one of the first art galleries in Greece to display works by artists working on the public urban space. His work is based on visual language as an essential element in understanding the human condition and reflecting on the current social and political context. He is particularly interested in public and urban spaces, which are at the heart of his work. 

The aim of his residency at the Cité du Mot was to allow him to produce a book based solely on visuals, with no text at all. To achieve this, he intended to talk to the local shopkeepers in Charité-sur-Loire about their link with their street, the town; essentially their relationship with the space. The resulting work is a ‘story-map’ bringing together the stories which exist and circulate in the urban space of Charité-sur-Loire.
Residency postponed to 2021.