music Bruère-Allichamps

Ahmad (Haddad) Heydari/

Multidisciplinary artist

He is an Iranian multidisciplinary artist, he works more specifically with photography and music.

Residency project:

The awakened dawn, the objectives of this project are creating an interpretation and inner dialogue between words and music through the history, music and poem. Finding different ways of expressing poems within music, sounds and images

“For three years, I have been working and researching on Iranian ancient literature and contemporary poems (with a main focus on Ahmad Shamlou’s poems), also the deep connection between the two. It brought me to the Idea of creating sounds and composing music by an inner dialogue between the sounds and narrated poems, to make an album.

Now, for Odyssée artist-in-residency programme we are wishful to do this project not only by recording and composing music but visually by creating video art. We wish to create a unique inner dialogue between sounds, images and contemporary poems of France and Iran.”

With the support of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs