music Canet-en-Roussilon Ambronay

Adrian Mokanu/


Adrian Mokanu is a Ukrainian composer.

Residence project:

"My project for the Odyssée 2023 artistic residency will lie in the field of music composition and will consist of writing a new work for voice and historical instruments titled d'aube en aube. It will be centered on a cultural dialogue with the musical legacy of Occitania and Provence - specifically, with the genre of alba, a medieval troubadour chant.

Through multiple layers of meanings, the project will bind early music with contemporary musical aesthetics, and will explore the intimate sonority of voice in connection with the poetic intimacy of medieval albas, projecting them onto the themes relevant for today's society.

Another important aspect of my composition will be the utilization of poetic texts in Occitan language, musically exploring its phonetics and sonority, and also contributing to the linguistic diversity in the contemporary vocal music scene.

To summarize, d'aube en aube will be designed as a bridge between the past and the present, viewing the themes brought up by troubadour poets as something that is still relevant for today's society. Through the lens of intimate stories told in Provençal poetry, my composition will not only provide a new vision of the genre of alba, but will also address important social themes and become an homage to victims of war. The aspect of the cultural dialogue will be reinforced by the use of historical instruments and Occitan language, which have been continuously underrepresented in the domain of contemporary composition."