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Oksana Chepelyk/

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Oksana Chepelyk


Oksana Chepelyk is a Ukrainian artist and researcher of the New Technologies Department of the Modern Art Research Institute of Ukraine. She is preparing her Post-Doctoral Study “Contemporary Art, Architecture Spaces, and New Technologies in Paradigm of Mutual Relations”, 

Residency Project : Homage to Leonardo

"The aim of the project “Homage to Leonardo” to create an immersive digital environment by installing in the sacral space the spatial transparent structures to be screens for moving imagery exploring the idea of ‘liquid modernity’.


The “Homage to Leonardo” project addresses the issues of metaphysical time-space and global challenges in the era of the algorithm.
The "Homage to Leonardo" project raises the question: is a person a particle in the system of accelerators of global forces, or the energy of interaction investigating new values, new forms of thought and new ways of existence in the world? The project is intended to transmit the vibrations of the "universal mind that speaks to the human" (Petar Ćuković)."