Lea Vidakovic/

Animation filmmaker

Lea Vidakovic


Lea Vidakovic is a multidisciplinary artist, animator and scholar who works in the feld of animated installations, utilising traditional puppet animation. Graduated from the Academy of Arts in Zagreb, Croatia (2011), BA of animation, HVO, Volda, Norway (2010) and MA of audio-visual arts, Royal Academy of Art - KASK, Belgium (2012). Between 2014/2019 she was a PhD candidate at Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design and Media in Singapore. Her research interests include fragmented storytelling and new narrative approaches for animated installations and expanded media.

She exhibited internationally in solo and group exhibitions and 200+ international animation festivals, where both flms and artworks received awards. She is a member of HDLU (Croatian Association of Artists), SULUV (Association of Artists from Vojvodina) and SAS (Society of Animation Studies).

Interests: expanded animation, spatial