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Elie Choufani


Elie Choufani is a theatre and film actor from Lebanon, worked on several TV series, plays, cinema and award winning short films including: The Writer (TV series, 2019), Children of Adam (TV series, 2020), All This Victory (Film, 2020), Juste La Fin du Monde (Theatre, 2019). Elie conducted his acting training at the Actors Workshop Beirut (AWB) under the supervision of Jacques Maroun and attended several acting workshops, in Beirut and Los Angeles with highly renowned acting institutes and instructor, notably with the award winning theatre director and voice practitioner Susan Worsfold and Director and acting teacher David Strasberg.

Residency project

"I believe that the key to authentic and natural portrayal of emotions in acting is based on a true sense of deep relaxation and focus in the actors presence, in my project with Nafas-ACCR I will research methods of breathing, movement, voice warm up and voice work that promote a combined relaxation and focus which are usually contradictory to each other. Abbaye de Sylvanès has hundreds of years of history of music and voice stored in its walls, my stay will coincide with the yearly festival, which is a great opportunity to be exposed to the wonderful voices and performances and stimulate my research."