Our missions/

Our missions

The ACCR was created to facilitate and coordinate the activities of the Heritage Sites for Culture (CCRs), and was recognised as a registered charity in 1983. It also aims to develop the network on a global scale, promoting its members regionally, locally and internationally.

/ Support and advice

The ACCR supports its members in the formulation, implementation and monitoring of their cultural project.

/ Facilitating and informing

Each year, the ACCR puts together a programme of technical meetings and thematic forums so that its members can meet to address the issues posed by the changing cultural, economic, heritage, legal and technological environment. Information sessions enable the sharing of relevant trends in audience development, marketing and communication strategies, culture and tourism etc.

/ Coordination and advocacy

The ACCR initiates and coordinates collective activities to ensure the synergy of its members’ projects and to give them a wider resonance. It offers a framework for meeting and exchange, facilitating the development of collaborative projects and cooperation between members. The Association enables the sharing of skills and resources, and acts as an advocate on behalf of its members and the “CCR” label. Through its coordination of the label and the international network, the ACCR works for the promotion of cultural pluralism.

/ Support and representation

Run by Bernard Latarjet, the ACCR represents its members within national, European and international bodies. It promotes the concept of the Heritage Site for Culture (CCR) and the values and interests of the network’s members to official bodies, politicians, professionals, artists and partners.

/ Developing and publicising

The ACCR contributes to the debate on public policy with local communities, the Ministry of Culture and within Europe through its participation in several different organisations. It takes part in structured dialogue platforms and develops collaborations and partnerships with cultural networks on a national and global scale.

The ACCR is always on the lookout for innovative projects in the cultural re-use of heritage, in order to develop intercultural dialogue within the network and increase its geographical range. The ACCR also advises centres on the implementation of their project and supports them in their application process.

/ Managing programmes and projects

With the support of the French Ministry of Culture, the ACCR has since 2003 managed the residency programme “Odyssée”, which is aimed at researchers, artists and cultural managers from other countries. Since 2016, the Association has also coordinated the residency programme “NORA”, for artists, researchers and culture professionals who are refugees from countries in conflict and who have recently arrived in France. Finally, it also runs emergency programmes with the Ministry of Culture such as those for New Orleans or Haiti.

/ Sharing resources and knowledge

As part of its role in overseeing the CCRs and the label itself, each year the ACCR puts together statistics and reports which give it an overview of the life of the network. It also produces studies which reveal areas of convergence, challenges and perspectives, taking into account different national contexts. The ACCR also acts as a resource centre for its members and as a link between the various programmes, disseminating information on new initiatives and innovations. On behalf of its members, it also monitors French and European cultural policy.