Attribution of the French label "Heritage Site for Culture" to Aria Theatre/

Attribution of the French label "Heritage Site for Culture" to Aria Theatre

crédit ARIA


The label of ‘Heritage Site for Culture’ (CCR) has been awarded to ARIA, now the Centre Culturel de Rencontre ‘Theatre & Nature’.


The 18 members of the Association of Cultural Encounter Centres (ACCR) are delighted to welcome a new member to the network.

ARIA has become the nineteenth French heritage site to bear this prestigious label, the first CCR in Corsica and the second since the award process has been devolved to a regional level.

The CCR label opens up new perspectives to this unique project, whose main areas of activity since its foundation in 1998 by Robin Renucci have been creation, diffusion, training and public education. Through its cultural and artistic activities, ARIA also contributes to the socio-economic regeneration of the rural area of Upper Corsica. Each summer it organises the ‘Rencontres Internationales de Théâtre en Corse’, which is the culmination of the year’s work and brings together over 4000 audience members.

The originality of ARIA is based on an artistic project which shines a light on a unique contemporary building linked to an exceptional natural heritage. ARIA is joining a network of historic cultural sites and is one of a new generation of CCRs that promote heritage in all its forms.

The Giussani valley, endowed with a unique natural heritage and protected by the Parc Naturel Regional de Corse, is an endless source of artistic inspiration. The location of a CCR in this rural setting in the centre of Corsica is a wonderful way of showcasing it.

Through encouraging exchanges through theatrical creation, reducing barriers between actors and audiences, between amateurs and professionals, and between local residents and those from further afield, ARIA engages in public education work in areas with limited cultural access and participates in improving the social cohesion of the Giussani microregion.

The new CCR ‘Theatre & Nature’ will deploy new transversalities around heritage and tourism issues, continuing its mission to share and to meet, working closely with public bodies and its new partners in the heritage and tourism sectors. The CCR ‘Theatre & Nature’ will take part in international exchanges to promote the Corsican language and the heritage of Giussani. Over the next few months, it will work with the State and public funders to set out its wider mission and actions for the future.