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Return to Mother Earth/

Return to Mother Earth


International Garden Festival - 2020 Edition

In Greek Antiquity, Mother Earth, Gaia, mother goddess personifying the fertile earth, giver of life, was universally revered, a deity comparable to the Hindu goddess Parvati… In the frenzy of globalisation and exponential development of societies focusing on their “growth”, links with this primordial protective and nourishing figure have been sadly weakened. Yet, beyond her symbolic and mythological power, Mother Earth, eternal source of fruitfulness, is an indivisible, self-regulating community of all the beings, plant, animal and human, that compose her and must be protected without distinction. Her physical, chemical and biological components, the many and various ecosystems, the biosphere, dust and oceans alike interact in order to maintain an optimal environment for the propagation of life.

A place of reflection, knowledge and respect for all these mysterious harmonies, a place of sharing and conviviality, the garden, a microcosm mirroring the macrocosm, is the ultimate expression of the possibility of a harmonious life. The Earth is a garden, and any garden should be a lesson on what our relationship with her ought to be, in a time when she is too often assaulted, defaced, and now at risk of putting us in danger. Wherever they are and whatever form they take, gardens are our future and must provide a model that includes a balance with nature and new modes of coexistence between humans and non-humans.

The designers of the 2020 gardens have come up with positive and ambitious responses to exemplify this idea and give it aesthetic expression. Magnifying the wonders of Mother Earth, they have invented contemporary new displays aimed at enlightening, surprising and inspiring. The scenarios they unveil for us are so original that we can't help but want to free up and create more and more green spaces.