visual arts exhibition Marcoux

Nouvelles faunes/

Nouvelles faunes

© Sandra Lapage

With Cyril Hatt, Sandra Lapage, Scenocosme, SMITH
From hybrid beings to nature reconstructed, the exhibition ‘Nouvelles Faunes’ takes us into a world where life transforms itself to the point where our usual classifications no longer make sense. Human forms merge, the vegetation sings and fragile creatures take shape.
This is a strange menagerie indeed, but humour and fiction encourage us to get closer and to wonder at the causes of these metamorphoses – are they the result of climate change? The necessary adaptation of life? The urgency of inter-species communication? 
3D printing, a tree with a beating heart, photographic creatures, intricate works made from recycled objects… The diversity of techniques and experiences adds to the richness of this bountiful ecosystem.