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FLIPT – Intercultural Festival Laboratory of Theatre Practices/

FLIPT – Intercultural Festival Laboratory of Theatre Practices

FLIPT – Intercultural Festival Laboratory of Theatre Practices, organized by Teatro Potlach in Fara Sabina, directed by Pino Di Buduo, is now in its 19th edition. Sixteen days of workshops, shows and dialogues about the creative exchange between different cultures of performance. This year the comparison will take place between artists from India, Japan, Denmark, USA, Brazil, Greenland, China, Hungary, Holland and Italy, which will give the festival their own contribution through the sharing of their personal theatrical experience.

From 14th June to 30th June international pedagogues will conduct workshops on directing and on the core elements of the actor's stage presence in Eastern and Western cultures, in Fara Sabina end neighboring villages.


14th June
Construction of the partecipants’ performance “The Human Rope” with Teatro Potlach

From 15th to 17th June
Workshop “Cities of Memory”
with Kyle Gillette (TEXAS)

From 17th to 20th June
Workshop on “The flower of the Commedia”
with Claudio De Maglio (Italy)

From 18th to 22nd June
Construction of the performance “Invisible Cities” with Teatro Potlach

From 25th to 27th June
Workshop on “Kamigata-mai dance in the Japanese tradition”
with Keiin Yoshimura (Japan)

From 25th to 28th June
Workshop on Bollywood Dance
with Chintan Pandya (India)

From 28th to 30th June
Theoretical-practical Master Class “The expressive structure: growth of a work in progress. Composition, uncertain shapes, getting to the deep or shaping from the inside”
with Eugenio Barba and Julia Varley, Odin Teatret (Denmark)
For 16 partecipants and 40 observers (see practical informations)

Every evening a performance of : Teatro Potlach (Italy), Odin Teatret (Denmark), Fanatika Theatre (India), Keiin Yoshimura (Japan), Omma Studio (Greek), Zid Theatre (Holland), Illyés Gyula Hungarian National Theatre of Berehove (Ukraine), Nunatta Isiginnaartitsisarfia (National Theatre of Greenland), Kyle Gillette (Texas), and many more…