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Rencontres de Goutelas - Heritage and cultural rights/

Rencontres de Goutelas - Heritage and cultural rights

Between 12th and 14th of Decembre, the ACCR and the Château de Goutelas invite you to a « learning visit » in partnership with the Les oiseaux de passage and in the framework of the Erasmus + project « People, Places, Stories ». 

We will experiment, learn from each other, and share testimonies on the theme : « Heritage, diverse narratives : what place is given to the Other? ».

The ACCR fulfills its role of research, experimentation, and innovation on common themes for the CCRs. The goal of our Rencontres hosted by a CCR is to question the heritage and to foster engagement in the local cultural life.  

In the spirit of the Faro Convention, the ACCR contributes to developing the expertise of the CCR teams with regard to the appropriation of heritage by the people, for a renewed and reviving approach of what makes "heritage".

The participants will learn from the experiences shared during the Rencontres and advance in finding answers to the questions we are raising : how to give life to a welcoming heritage community ? How to bring together memories and to make life to new narratives ?