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Local anchoring and European mobility: decarbonizing culture/

Local anchoring and European mobility: decarbonizing culture

Would a better consideration of the potential of territories help to change the career model of young creators?

While artistic careers are often envisaged on an international scale, finding their full recognition in exhibitions and tours linking the major artistic centers, the climate emergency gives us no other choice than to transform our lifestyles. How can cultural practices evolve to become anchored while remaining mobile and plural?

These are some of the questions raised during the Ambronay Meetings: "Young creators and professional integration: between European mobility and short circuits".

Rather than being opposed to each other, the European and local dimensions are questioned and enter into resonance to enrich creation. Local actors meet and build projects around common issues - ecology, innovation, inclusion - revealing the plurality of the same territory. The non-urban territories, spaces of cooperation, are part of a European dynamic. The scales of work are articulated, offering various opportunities to young creators.  

At the crossroads of local, national and international levels, the CCR form a network of collaborations and projects. They experiment with new forms of cooperation, anchored in their respective territories, open to the world.

European projects:
The CCR are involved in joint projects that focus on training at the European level and the development of skills and professions within the CCR.

Artists' residencies:
The residency programs offer "cross-residencies" from one CCR to another: the artists circulate, the territories open up to the world.