Helping new musical ensembles


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Managed by the Centre culturel de rencontre d’Ambronay, the eeemerging programme aims to ensure equality of opportunity for young musical ensembles, enabling them to benefit from professional conditions of work, supporting them in the development of their project, and helping them to tackle the reality of the European marketplace in early music. The programme seeks to promote young European artists on the international stage, as well as raising awareness of our rich European musical heritage.

Co-financed by the Culture/Cooperation strand of the Creative Europe programme, the project is run by 8 co-organisers (7 early music centres and 1 audiovisual production company). It is supported by 37 international partners, including three university groups who are responsible for project evaluation. It also relies on three professional networks (REMA, AEC and ACCR), two cultural education networks (ENCATC and ELIA), and an audiovisual network (EBU).

An innovative project for professional integration on a European scale

eeemerging enables the following:

- to identify, select and train the best emerging ensembles;

- to prepare these ensembles to work in the European marketplace by giving them spaces for training, residence and diffusion in over ten countries with diverse cultural contexts;

- to expose the ensembles to a wide variety of audiences, familiarise them with outreach work and help them to adapt their programmes to the needs of a particular audience or promoter;

- to promote the ensembles, giving them high-quality tools for diffusion and  promotion (e.g. production of an electronic press kit, help with the creation of their own website, recording of their first professional CD);

- to promote the activities of the ensembles through a website and a digital audiovisual platform accessible to all those involved in the project.

eeemerging encourages:

- the diffusion of early music, artistic creation and transdisciplinary experimentation;

- the discovery and promotion of our European cultural heritage, whether this be popular, unfamiliar or unknown (residencies can be an opportunity for research work on manuscripts held in European libraries);

- the creation of jobs and the development of individual and group careers;

- the promotion of an image which is young, dynamic and European.


More information on the eeemerging project can be found on the Ambronay website.