visual arts

Rica Shimabukuro/

Multidisciplinary artist

Born in Tokyo, Japan. Currently based in Norrtälje, Sweden. Over 20 years of craft and design experience, spanning jewellery, silk screen printing, photography, painting, textiles, fashion drawing and fashion. She was brought up by parents who specialized in artistic design for films and TV advertisements. Her sense of creativity was cultivated already from a young age.

Acquiring a diploma after four years of study at fashion college, she briefly worked as a designer at the Jun-Ashida fashion company, a couturier for the royal purveyor in Japan. Soon after, she established a wedding dress shop in Tokyo, which adopted the haute couture style, and served not only general customers, but also many fashion models.

After eight years in business, she moved to Sweden, where she obtained a Masters degree in Fine Arts at the University of Arts, Crafts and Design (Konstfack) in Stockholm. She launched an original textile and accessories brand, and her work was featured in leading Swedish newspapers and magazines, such as Dagens Nyheter, Cosmoporitan, Skönhet, Lifestyle, etc. Moreover, interested by the techniques used to create antique jewellery, she was engaged in designing and producing her own original jewelry. More recently, reaffirming the possibilities of paper, she devotes herself to artistic activities based on paper.

Residency project:

Her project consists of research on the decorative motifs of the historical stone buildings of the Chartreuse de Neuville and doing sketches of the botanicals of The Garden of the Chartreuse de Neuville. In addition, creative activities based around papercutting and involving the participation of the local community will include a workshop and will pinnacle in an exhibition at the end of her stay.