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Skirmanta Jakaitè/

Animation filmmaker

Skirmanta Jakaitè

Skirmanta Jakaite is an animator, animation director and occasional illustrator. In spring of 2018 she has finished her short 2D animation film "The Juggler" and started to work on her next film, "Way better". In her point of view, animation is perfect medium for conveying the intuition, abstract thought and ideas. It's her medium to connect with the world and to experience it more fully.

During her residency at Abbaye de Fontevraud, Skirmanta Jakaite wants to work on a short animation project "Way better". She already worked on the script and starts to consider the visual style. Her previous films were done in 2D drawn animation tehcnique and for her new one, she would be interested to include puppet animation to combine those two techniques. Her residency will be the perfect place to meet other artists to contribute to her project.

The main themes of "Way better" are anxiety and constant anticipation of something better, more exciting, more normal or just different. Fear of the imagined worst and expectation of something supposedly better to come.